It's been a great ride & an amazing experience, but unfortunately, we must say goodbye.

Earlier this year (2020) Kytera had to shut down it's operations due to lack of funds.


Despite the fact that we had a working product in our hands and committed customers, we were not able to convince investors to continue funding the company.  And that's on top of the market volatility the world has experienced this past year with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we were forced to let go of our staff and look for alternative ways to provide for our families.

It was a very emotional step as we have invested 8 years of our lives into Kytera with a lot of drive and passion to bring new solutions to a market that is lagging so much behind. We tried to put our end customers in mind throughout the way and designed a product that would have revolutionized the technology market for seniors. In hindsight, we might have been too early to a market that is so conveniently stagnant.

But life goes on...

The story of Kytera resembles that of many other startups, yet it is also our personal story. We've gained tremendous experience in the process and had the pleasure of working with incredibly talented people. Sometimes the best lessons are learned from failure. And although Kytera as a company did not succeed to bring it's product into the market, we see a lot of success in what we have accomplished as a small Israeli-based startup company.

And with that.... we say goodbye! See you on the next adventure!

Assaf & Oz

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Oz Krakowski

Assaf Sella

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