Smart Remote Caregiver for Aging-at-Home

Kytera Companion

Kytera’s smart remote caregiver solution provides unique insight into elders’ activity at home at an unprecedented resolution, enabling safe aging at home for the masses. The solution includes a home system that collects data, a mobile  app for family members and a dashboard for professional caregivers

Wellness Monitoring

Kytera's wellness monitoring leverages on understanding the elder's activities to track parameters related to key daily routines such as sleep, nutrition, time spent out of home and daily activity. The data is analyzed automatically to detect behavioral symptoms of physical and mental deterioration.

The system provides insight with clear, easy to understand wellness reports, coupled with actionable recommendations for family members as well as for professional caregivers.

Three Circles of Protection

Kytera's technology enables extraction of the context of the elder's activity therefore allowing to accurately distinguish between regular activities (even if deviate a bit from daily activity patterns) to an emergency situation.

Kytera's unique solution offers three circles of protection for emergency detection:

  • Emergency button - press the button the wristband just like a regular medical alarm device

  • Advanced fall detection - detect sharp & soft falls through understanding of activity context

  • Routine-based distress detection - detect emergencies based on deviation from learned routine using machine-learning

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